NEW VIDEO: „Fire & Forgive“

Check out our new song „Fire & Forgive“ from our upcoming album ‚THE SACRAMENT OF SIN‚ ( which will be out July 20th.

COMMUNIO LUPATUM – 10 Powerwolf hits performed by various artists

There will be a cover album included in various editions of the upcoming album THE SACRAMENT OF SIN (for example: Do you like the artwork?

1. Epica – Sacred & Wild
2. Saltatio Mortis – We Drink Your Blood
3. Caliban – Kiss Of The Cobra King
4. Battle Beast – Resurrection By Erection
5. Heaven Shall Burn – Night Of The Werewolves
6. Kadavar – The Evil Made Me Do It
7. Kissin‘ Dynamite – Let There Be Night
8. Amaranthe – Army Of The Night
9. Mille Petrozza (Kreator) & @Marc Görtz (Caliban) – Amen & Attack
10. Eluveitie – Nata vimpi cvrmi da / Ira Sancti (When the Saints Are Going Wild)


THE SACRAMENT OF SIN cover artwork revealed

We’re proud to finally unveil the album title along with the amazing cover artwork of „THE SACRAMENT OF SIN“. While we are in the final stage of mixing the album at Fascination Street Studios we can’t wait to unleash this monster and celebrate this new chapter together with all of you – expect nothing less but a mass more intense than ever, bringing some new elements to the liturgy while being as wild and wolfish as it could!


It‘s a wrap! Yesterday night Jens and Matthew finished mixing the last song. Still can‘t believe that this monster of a project is coming to and end, and we will surely miss the lovely landscape outside Fascination Street in Örebro – but we are leaving studio with something magical and wolfish in our luggage – this album is going to be mind-blowing!!! More news and details soon!








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