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Charles Greywolf

Bass & Guitars

Date of Birth
5th of September

Major muscial influences
Entombed, Ramones, Iron Maiden

Favourite Powerwolf song
Armata Strigoi

Favourite Music (current top 5)
Long Distance Calling - Boundless
Entombed - Uprising
Iron Maiden - Somewhere in Time
Soen - Imperial
Ozzy Osbourne - Tribute

First record bought
AC/DC – Fly on the wall

Latest record bought
Candlemass: Psalms For The Dead

Best concert ever seen
Ramones - Köln 1992

Best Powerwolf Show
Wacken 2019

Favourite movie director 
Tim Burton

Favourite movie 
Lords of Darkness

Favourite series
Breaking Bad

Favourite game
Mario Odysee 

Favourite actor
Dieter Hallervorden

Recommendable books
What does this button do? - Bruce Dickinson